The Wilds

My good friend Valerie came back to Ohio visit her family last week so we took the opportunity to visit The Wilds, a huge conservation park in southeast Ohio. I got a few good photos while there. I’ve posted the best here, as usual, you can view the full set in my DA photography gallery. Sample:

Toledo Botanical Garden

Took a trip up to visit family and stopped off at the Toledo Botanical Garden with my camera. Got some nice shots; top few are here, full set is in my DA photography gallery. Check them out:

Cemetery Pics

Took a few trips to cemeteries recently: Fountain Cemetery in Fostoria and Spring Grove in Cincinnati. Trying to work on getting better shots in camera, so very little post processing in this batch. I’m going to need to go back to Spring Grove; it’s huge, I probably only saw around a third of it. Anyway, here’s a […]

Woodland Cemetery

Took a quick trip on my lunch break yesterday to shoot at Woodland; Didn’t get a ton of great shots, mostly because I only had about 45 minutes and felt like I was in a hurry. I’ll have to go back some weekend when the trees start to bloom. Here’s a few  of the best […]

Lima Tuberculosis Hospital

This weekend was my first big shooting spree since I’ve started back seriously on my photography work. Friday I took a few pictures in downtown Dayton after work, and Saturday I spent the whole day with my camera. I took a nice long drive to Lima to engage in my first major foray into urban […]

New Photos

I’m up too late, and should have just waited to post them until tomorrow, but I just uploaded some new photos. I’m planning on shooting more tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that. Gem City Nights:


I’ve been away from my camera too long. It’s time for me to come back. I’ve been thinking a lot on what I want to do with my life since I turned 30. Sort of felt like I’ve been drifting. I’ve always enjoyed photography, mostly as a hobby, but in recent years I’ve put it […]