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I’m less lazy now.

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Finally got around to updating my photography gallery. Everything after The Wilds in new-ish. New here, at least. If you follow me on DA or Instagram, you’ve seen this stuff. Anyway, all my Massachusetts pics, my abstract oil series, and a handful of recent stuff since I’ve gotten a new 50MM prime lens are now up. Go check it out if you’re interested.

Addendum – Since I hadn’t mentioned it previously, I’ve got two new places to get my work for yourself: Robert L. Lynch art is on Redbubble if you want prints or mugs or notebooks or what have you, and Robert L. Lynch photos are on iStock if you’re a designer and want to license something for your projects. You groovy? Good.

Defenders Guild / Defenders Tower

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More concept art for Blue Eagle, the comic I’m working on. It’s set in a world basically like our own, but with superheroes. Since it’s something of a lampoon of classic superhero tropes, it will feature parodies of/parallels to other comics. I figure the in a world more like our own, the JLA might be a bit more corporate.



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