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Defenders Guild / Defenders Tower

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More concept art for Blue Eagle, the comic I’m working on. It’s set in a world basically like our own, but with superheroes. Since it’s something of a lampoon of classic superhero tropes, it will feature parodies of/parallels to other comics. I figure the in a world more like our own, the JLA might be a bit more corporate.


Updated Site

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Ok, I think I’ve got this pretty well set now.

Welcome to the updated! I’ve revamped this page to be more inclusive than my previous photography-only site, since I didn’t really have anywhere to show my other works. The gallery is filled will a lot more content, including my 3D and digital art, demos of my design work, and my recent canvas paintings, among other things. I’m also planning on using this as a progress blog, and posting new art here as I make it. Also, if you’re interested, I’m planning on getting into some new sales channels like Etsy for selling original work, and I’ll post links to that stuff here when it’s up.

Anyway, check back here occasionally, and hopefully you’ll find neat stuff.


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