Robert L. Lynch at Patreon

Recently, I’ve joined Patreon in hopes of better gathering a community of supportive fans of my work.

Essentially, I’m planning on posting videos and such through that platform first, as a sort of thank you to everyone who would support my journey enough to drop a few coins in my hat. My idea is to drop important stuff like game trailers and such there first, then make them public for all some time later. Other stuff like game demos and behind-the-scenes content will go there and remain exclusive content.

Also, if you’re interested,

Robert L. Lynch at Redbubble

I still have a lot here to buy; it’s not my main focus , but it’s still nice to see that $2 direct deposit every now and then when someone buys a shirt. Just about everything you could want my art on is available here: Framed prints, mugs, apparel, cell phone cases, stationary, plus a good deal more. Decent prices and pretty good quality from what I’ve seen.