Robert L. Lynch

Robert L. Lynch is a space-cowboy-ninja-billionaire-playboy who's on the run from the law and on a quest to find the one-eyed Hindu guru who can unlock the secret of his past. Can he escape the killer robots in time to save the woman he loves?

July 27, 2023

Recently, while working on fixing my brain, I followed the suggestion of writing a letter to myself as a child, telling your younger self what you wish someone would have told you as a kid. I realized what I needed to do, and told my daughter all the same things I told my younger self. We both cried. I think that’s progress.

Note to self.

Working on sorting out my head, both medically and via therapy. Long story short, I stumbled on a good suggestion while trying to figure out why my inner monologue sounds so angry at me all the time: Find a picture of yourself as a child, and write a letter to that kid, showing them the support you wish you had then.

It sounded ridiculous. Did it anyway.