Been depressed and anxious a lot recently, so I’ve been in therapy again. Think it’s helping a bit. I was convinced to work on writing as an outlet. I wrote this DC comic fan script and actually feel vaguely proud of it. Read it if you want, share if you like.

Some of the things I’ve been told to work on are my communication skills, and putting my self out there for people to see, so I’m going to make a more concerted effort to work on writing and art and share it. I have the tendency to bounce around between projects. Anyone who knows me from the Heroes Inc. days knows I’m lazy. I’m told now that executive dysfunction is a common symptom. One I’m working on.

At any rate, I’m taking a break from a new original short story I’ve been writing to try and do the shave and clean up thing both metaphorically and literally today. Felt it was about time to freshen up my branding, so I made this new logo and updated this site.

Fake it till you make it, and try hard not to break it. Gotta go, my laundry just buzzed.

Robert L. Lynch
Robert L. Lynch is a space-cowboy-ninja-billionaire-playboy who's on the run from the law and on a quest to find the one-eyed Hindu guru who can unlock the secret of his past. Can he escape the killer robots in time to save the woman he loves?