Defenders Guild / Defenders Tower – 2018

More concept art for Blue Eagle, the comic I’m working on. It’s set in a world basically like our own, but with superheroes. Since it’s something of a lampoon of classic superhero tropes, it will feature parodies of/parallels to other comics. I figure the in a world more like our own, the JLA might be a bit more corporate.


The text, in case it’s hard to read:

Defenders Guild International – DGI is an international nongovernmental service organization which directs the efforts of member metahuman and exceptional human agents in crisis response and disaster relief operations. Founded in 1960 as the Defenders Guild of America, The Guild was originally formed as a legal defense and lobbying group after a series of high-profile civil lawsuits against superheroes. In 1963, the Guild was instrumental in the passage of the POWERS act (Protection for Operators While Exercising their Responsibility as Samaritans), which established the federal superhuman registry, and granted explicit legal protection for those registered against civil liability for damages incurred during emergency operations. After the passage of the POWERS act, the guild shifted into a more logistical role, becoming the primary contact point for those seeking assistance from guild members. In 1991, the guild dropped “of America” from their name after welcoming members from Canada and the UK, and in 1999, merged with several other similar organizations worldwide, reorganizing as the current Defenders Guild International. The guild is funded through a combination of government grants, private donations, and membership dues, as well as the sale, production, and licensing of merchandise and media through its subsidiary, Defenders Media group.


Defenders Media Group – DMG is a multi-faceted media agency and acts as the marketing and PR arm of the Defender’s Guild. Through DMG Publishing, the sensational exploits of guild members are celebrated in multiple lines of monthly comic books and graphic novels. DMG Entertainment is responsible for production of dozens of popular animated and live-action television series, and since 2008 has produced the critically-acclaimed and action packed films of the Defenders Cinematic Universe. While each of the DGI members retains ownership rights to their own personal likeness and branding, DMG Characters holds an exclusive agreement with all members as a stipulation of their DGI contract that allows the company to license their image for all manner of merchandise, including toys, clothing, home goods, school supplies, and much more.  In addition to his heroic adventures as Defender’s Guild member Blue Eagle, Michael Williams works as a graphic designer within Defenders Media Group.


Defenders Tower –

Located in Midtown East Manhattan, Defenders Tower is a 648’, 52-story glass and steel skyscraper that serves as the headquarters for Defenders Guild International and its subsidiary organizations. Developed as a replacement for the aging Defenders Guild Hall in Hoboken, planning for the site began in 1985, and construction broke ground in 1987. The building was completed in 1991, with the Defenders Guild officially relocating the same year.

In front of the building, straddling a reflecting pool stands the 100-foot tall bronze statue, “Unity”. The statue, created by renowned sculptor Robert Graham, depicts four faceless figures holding up a globe. The statue bears on its dedication plaque the Friedrich Schiller quote, “Even the weak become strong when they are united.” The statue serves as a frequent backdrop for DGI press conferences and occasional backdrop for battles with super villains.

The front entryway to Defenders Tower features a bold minimalist design, with an overhang that mirrors the shape of the shield at the top of the building. The tower is open to the public, with restaurants and shops on the ground floor, including an official DGI gift shop that sells merchandise and media based on guild members. The lower levels of the building are mixed-use office and residential; several guild members are known to keep a residence on the penthouse floors. Floors above 30 are reserved exclusively for the Defenders Guild and its subsidiary organizations.

Accessible from the 38th floor is a small rooftop garden for use by Guild employees. It’s a popular spot for lunch breaks and office parties, and is often used as a primary entrance for Guild members with flying abilities.

The top eight floors (44-52, located within the shield) make up a specialized hardened command center designed to accommodate coordination of Guild activities. This section is protected against all forms of attack, including physical/ballistic, radiation, biological, psychic/telepathic, and magical attacks. The rooftop features a helipad with retractable doors for easy accessibility and storage of Guild air assets. Housed within the command center are some of the most technologically advanced resources available, including a massive network of threat monitoring/communications equipment, a world-class scientific research facility and the most powerful supercomputer on the eastern seaboard. Due to the significant power needs of the Guild headquarters, Defenders Tower is isolated from the city grid, and is instead powered by its own fusion reactor, located deep within the tower’s similarly armored subbasement floors.

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